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Human Resources and Social Networking
If it appears online, everyone is watching; and employers need to be.
Trends 2006
A chart of trends affecting the world and United States at the outset of 2006. This chart is intended to provoke reaction and conversation. (Adobe Acrobat Reader is needed to view this file.)
The New Economy - Is It Real?
A provocative essay regarding the hype surrounding the new economy and the ethical issues surrounding the new economy in the U.S.
Tort Reform - The Real Questions
The "tort reform" debate continues to rage but important questions are not being addressed.
New Ruling Brings Old West Manners to Cyber Frontier
In the old west, to challenge a man to a face-to-face shootout on main street was quite acceptable
The Ethics of Privacy - Computer Version
An article exploring e-mail privacy on the job and how to deal with the lack of it.
The Law of Linking
An editorial discussing the Total News linking and browser framing case.
Litigation and Love
A discussion of the "love thine enemy" theme as applied to today's litigious society.
The Ethics of Partnership
An article for those contemplating starting or already involved in a closely held business, which addresses the expectations of the various parties.
The Price Is Right?
A column exploring the ethical obligations of buyers and sellers.
Deceptive Selling, Careless Buying
A follow-up column addressing the ethical burdens on buyers and sellers alike in this age of technological purchases for the home.
Loving Divorce
A philosophical look at how divorce should be handled.
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