E-Commerce News


Patients' Right to Privacy Remains Controversial
Regulations have been issued pursuant to HIPAA - at long last. Updated April 16, 2001.

Congress Quick to Work on Tech Issues
Quick survey of tech bills introduced in Congress in 2001. Updated April 13, 2001.

European Privacy Update
The European Union proposes to add standard contract language to privacy provisions. April 8, 2001.

New TLD's to Become Available
ICANN announces new extensions for top level domains. Updated April 4, 2001.

Microsoft's Identity Stolen
Pseudo-employee talks Verisign into issuing certificates. March 26, 2001.

Domain Name Scam Investigated
Company sending ominous domain name warnings now under federal investigation. Updated March 12, 2001.

Privacy Amendment to Gramm Leach Proposed
Bill aims at strengthening privacy provisions of last year's landmark Gramm-Leach legislation. Updated March 2, 2001.

Website Seized
Feds seize website of alleged counterfeitors. Updated March 2, 2001.

The Carnivore Controversy Roars On
FBI system to monitor e-mail being installed at ISP's under fire. Updated March 2, 2001

Yahoo Struggles with French Law
A French court has ordered Yahoo to devise ways to prevent the sale of racist material. Updated January 10, 2001.

Safe Harbor
The status of the negotiated Safe Harbor provisions between the U.S. and E.U. Updated January 9, 2001.

Permatemp Suit Settled by Microsoft
Microsoft settles suit filed by temporary contract employees.

Drugs, Divorce and Privacy
Court holds pharmacy liable for releasing records.

Court Protects eBay
CDA held to protect eBay from liability for sales of copied material.

IP Exchanges
IP exchanges offer new way to exploit intellectual property.

Internet Election News
The Internet has brought new wrinkles to voting. Updated November 14, 2000.

Black Boxes to Invade Trucks?
The federal government has proposed an airline-like black box requirement for trucks.

Scorned Lover Uses Net
Once again, a scorned lover has supposedly used the Net for revenge, with possible criminal consequences.

PC Subject to Search
Appellate court upholds search of computer as if it were just another room.

More Privacy
Lawsuit brought against More.com alleging privacy violations. Updated October 30, 2000.

Franchisor E-Commerce Zapped
New e-commerce channel held prohibited by franchise agreements.

Autumn 2000 Internet Tax Report
A brief synopsis of the Internet tax debate. Updated October 7, 2000.

Living.com Follows the Toysmart Saga
Updated October 7, 2000. Recent developments in privacy law as being developed in the Toysmart case.

Electronic House Calls Coming to Medicine
Physicians will soon be receiving medical data from patients at home.

Prepaid Cards Being Readied for Net
Taking a cue from long distance cards, companies are beginning to issue fixed amount cards for Internet shoppers.

Amazon Reacts to Toysmart
In its newly posted privacy policy, Amazon.com reserves the right to sell customer data.

Jurisdiction Alert
Doing business via e-commerce in an expanded geographic market can get one sued in new places as well.

Stock Fraud Alleged
Quick trader warning. Student trader charged with securities fraud.

The Web Bugs Are Watching
Another technology for watching surfers.

Insider Trading Alleged
Another quick trader warning. Employee charged with securities fraud.

NTT Acquires Verio
Japanese based company is finally allowed to enter U.S. Internet market.

WIPO Shakes Up Domain Naming
As an arbitrator of domain name rights under ICANN rules, WIPO is establishing a distinct reputation.

Palm Virus Alert
The first pure Palm virus has emerged.

Online Pharmacies Sued
Texas Attorney General issues DTPA suit against three online pharmacies.

Internet Tax Issues Continue
Illinois tax ruling offers insight as to state income tax issues.

Verizon and CWA Sued
A federal lawsuit has been filed seeking damages arising from loss of telecom services connected with strike.

Toys R Us, Inc. Hit with Class Actions
Class action suits have been filed in California claiming Toysrus.com's use of a data analysis subcontractor violates the site's posted privacy policy.

Bank Cyber-Robbery Reported
Cyber-robbers arrested for hitting British bank.

Indictments Issued
New York court indicts two for cyber-extortion.

SEC Says All Must Know
The Securities Exchange Commission issues rules affecting corporate news announcements.

Privacy - FTC and NAI Agree
The FTC and Network Advertising Initiative have apparently agreed on policies for protecting consumer privacy?

Editorial on Recent Privacy Issues

Identity Theft
Federal legislation introduced to fight identity theft.

Warning: Spoof Sites on Rise
Comptroller of Currency warns consumers about deceptive financial sites.

COPPA Enforcement
FTC warns of enforcement.

Workplace Privacy
Describes workplace privacy legislation that has been introduced in Congress.

House passes anti-spam bill.

Digital Signature Bill Signed into Law
What does the new federal digital signature law mean to entrepreneurs?